Invitation to All. 

Dear Friends, 

Greetings from India in Jesus Name... Amen

We invites you to come and connect to life with God and with us at remote parts of the Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.  Our journey to build God’s kingdom, we desire to see the church, the body of Christ, become not just the center of town life but also a transformational force that serves and revolutionizes our world.   

We invite you to grow and become a part of God’s movement not only in your neighborhood but also around the globe. You will meet people and see places that you had a vision that God put in your heart. 

Let's start through Jesus help to do more Physical and spiritual activities to save the unsaved in INDIA through HIS given power and strength. 

Are you ready to come to India to fulfill God's purpose in your life? Accept and believe Gods calling in time to come to India. Now opportunity came to you come and see God's blessing where you've never gone! 

In HIS service,

Evangelist JP. 

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