“Lets all work together for the Kingdom of God. we Believe its not one man mission it’s a God Mission we are all in this part as a body of Christ. Join with us in INDIA”.

 INDIA is a Nation over a billion people and 2000+ years of resistance to the GOSPEL till now, but Hundreds of Million Indians have Never even Heard the name of JESUS. Indians are looking and need of salvation... Me and Our Pastors share the vision to reach the unreachable but we need your support in the followings...

Pray: Most important to our ministry is prayers. Can you imagine how many obstacles we face in this mission work? Without God’s help our efforts are in vain. Pray for the work of Ziah Mission & needs. 

Visit: Know us by visiting us personally or with team to see how God is using us to reach the gospel and helping the children & people. This will bring you a vision of fulfillment. You will meet people and see places that you had a vision that God put in your heart. Come to India to fulfill God's purpose in your life. Accept and believe Gods calling in time to come to India.

Tell the World: Tell the world what you have seen in our Mission/Organization and how you blessed by seeing Gods work through us. Tell others to pray about it & support.

Give: We appreciate your desire to help Ziah Mission in financially to care for hungry and homeless children, widows & our Other Mission projects. We welcome any help that you can offer to Ziah Mission. There are many opportunities to get involved and grow in different areas to suit your interests and skills. There is a way for every one to be involved. Further information Contact us.

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